Thursday, August 17, 2017

A look at the Summer Experiment...through the lens

A look at some happenings in and around the testbed during the 2017 Summer Experiment!

Participants looking on during the daily debrief of the TCF desks

A group at the UK-Met/SFO desk checking out the different high-resolution models

Andrew Clausen from Southwest Airlines giving his brown bag seminar about the life of a flight dispatcher

Some discussion taking place at the TCF collaboration desk in the testbed

Discussion with the OPG crew over at the C&V desk before the AWT team sends over their forecast grids for the 18Z TAF package

Collaboration with the AWDE team via google chat at the C&V desk

Participants in the Operations Proving Ground next door played the role of the local WFO, editing the  national C&V grids sent over from AWT.

The TCF operations desk was held just off the AWC operations floor, to simulate the real-life separation between operations and collaboration.

Claire Bartholomew visiting from the UK-Met Office doing the daily debrief of the SFO-desk

Participants discussing the developing weather for the day impacting the forecast for the C&V grids

Participants look on at the SFO desk, discussing possible clearing times based on model guidance

Lots of great discussion about the national C&V grids took place at the GFE desk throughout the experiment

Because long days of forecasting and collaboration sometimes call for beers and fun...some of the experiment crew test their skills at trivia night at a local brewery

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