Monday, August 7, 2017

Summer Experiment 2017: Day 1

The first week of the 2017 Summer Experiment kicked off this morning with an introductory presentation about the three different experimental forecasts desks.

Participants from the FAA's AWDE Service Team dialed in via google chat, and guest participants from different NWS weather forecast offices, Southwest, and other NCEP research entities filled the testbed eager to take part in this week's activities.

After the introductory and tutorial presentations, participants were given the opportunity to pick a desk of interest and "get to know" the set-up in preparation for the rest of the week's activities.  Feedback is already coming in for the experimental GFE grids, which will be edited on a national level and then passed onto the Operations Proving Ground where forecasters will focus on certain WFO regions and issue a TAF forecast, using the national forecast grids as a starting point.

During lunch, Adam Schnapp from MDL gave a seminar about the latest LAMP upgrades, and future work beyond 2017. We were also joined by NCEP director Bill Lapenta, and NWS director Louis Uccellini for a few moments post-lunch as they were excited to see what was underway already in the testbed.

The afternoon continued with more interaction at the various desks, with lots of interest at the SFO
desk focusing on the verified clearing times from the high resolution models compared with the UK Met 330m resolution model centered on the area.

The day concluded with discussion about various data feed issues and possible risks for unavailable data in the days to follow. We will hope for the productive days ahead!  Tuesday is a full slate of forecasting at all desks so stay tuned! 

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