Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Summer Experiment 2017: Day 1 in AWDE

The 2017 AWC Summer Experiment kicked off with collaboration from the Aviation Weather Demonstration and Evaluation (AWDE) Concept and Product Assessment Capability (CPAC) laboratory. The AWDE lab featured discussions with pilots from various backgrounds, including general aviation and helicopter pilots and an Air Traffic Control Subject Matter Expert. These participants provided feedback on the experimental C&V product for the HEMS tool and the Probabilistic C&V Forecast product.


Feedback for today included discussions on participant preferences to see regional areas for both the HEMS and Probabilistic C&V products. The participants also suggested a zoom option for the products in order to focus on specific areas related to their flights. CONUS products are not particularly helpful and the participants would like to see cloud and visibility as separate tools.

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